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I started with oil/acrylic painting as a child in the 50's ~ added silver/goldsmithing & lapidary in 1970
~ woodworking 1976 ~ carving miniature sculptures in 1977 and lampworking in 1991.
I consider myself an allied cratsman. Here is an example of some of my over 2000 carvings.

Update April, 2019

Miniature Fantasy Carvings ~ carved from fossil walrus teeth unless otherwise indicated

Wizard Pendant
SOLD #wiz_0610-001

Wizard Pendant
SOLD #wiz_0610-002

Wizard Pendant
SOLD< #wiz_0610-003

Fish Hook
SOLD #hook_0610-01

Fish Hook
SOLD #hook_0610-02

Alien Face SOLD #alien

Wizard-Dragon Sculpture
Price $450.00
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Standing Wizard
Fossil Walrus Natural Amethyst Crystal
Personal Collection ~ NFS

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To Puchase Email; glassmarble @ or Call (541) 661-6855 >PST<

Hand carved miniature sculptures by
"the Dragon Master" since 1977

       I have been known for years to many as - "the Dragon Master". I also answer to "Dragon" * I create these pieces in what is popularily termed "Fossilized Ivory". Acutally it is mineralized ivory as it has readily absorbed the coloring from it's host in which it has been intombed such as red clay or vivianite. Glacial fossil ivory - known as "wash", is found on beaches and normally retains it's natural creamy coloring.

       I use the fossil teeth and tusk of the Walrus, Seal & Whale teeth as well as Mammoth tusk. This legal ivory is hundreds to thousands of years old and comes from the Alaskan mainland, St Lawrence Island in the Bering Strait as well as Siberia, Canada & Greenland. "ALL" coloring on my carvings is "natural". I neither stain nor paint my work (except for scrimshaw where I use ink to fill in the design).

       I carve these pieces while retaining the shape of the original tooth. In some cases I leave portions of the natural textures. These are polished with a wax that will lose it's high sheen with wear. If worn next to the skin, the ivory will absorb your body oils over time and the colors will enhance.

NOTE July 2009 St Lawrence is no longer allowed to salvage fossil ivory, the elders realized they are selling their heritage but fossil's are still gathered on the Alaskan mainland as well as Russia/Siberia. Fossil ivory is getting very hard to come by and prices are climbing and you can no longer sell/trade or buy fossil ivory on eBay, they say it promotes the killing of elephants(?).


The Items Below is a small representation of the over 2000 pieces I have done.
All Been Sold And Are Just Here For Your Viewing Pleasure And Reference

Bead-button ~ 4 Faces

Wizard Face Button ~ Fossil Walrus

Flower Button Mastadon

Wizard Face Button ~ Fossil Walrus

Wizard Faces Pendant ~ Fossil Walrus

Wizard Face Pendant ~ Fossil Walrus ~ Artifact

Wizard Face Pendant ~ Fossil Walrus

Wizard Face Pendant ~ Fossil Walrus

Wizard 2Face Pendant ~ Fossil Walrus

Wizard Face Pendant ~ Fossil Walrus

Wizard Face Pendant ~ Fossil Walrus

Wizard Faces Pendant ~ Fossil Walrus

Wizard Face Pendant ~ Fossil Walrus


* In 1977 I was doing jewelry fabricator for the "Stonesmith" in Grants Pass, Oregon. One day a genteman named "Carving Dave" showed me some of his carvings and scrimshaw that he had done. I was intrigued enough to try my hand at it. I went to the local library and checked out every book I could find on carving & scrimshanding and proceeded to teach myself. I located some deer antler and whales teeth and practiced. I started incorporating my new ancient skill with my new ventures. I incorporated my own scratchings and carvings into some new jewelry designs as well as creating little containers [bottles - boxes].

I can tell you this, creating scrimshaw takes a strong and steady hand. I quickly learned to appreciate good scrimshaw. I've seen a lot of "bad" scrim on beautiful pieces of ivory (it showed just how lazy the artist was). I took the name the Dragon Master because I used a lot of dragons in my work.

Being a fantasy lover, I created a line of miniature fantsy characters in 1985. I was the proprietor of a rock shop and started incorporating power gems and crystals into my mini carvings at the beginning of the "crystal craze" (Age of Aquarius). Between 1985 & 1995 I created over 2000 of these characters which went to collectors all over the world!

My work was created in Fossilized (acutally it's mineralized) Ivories of the Walrus as well as Mammoth or Mastodon. This legal ivory is hundreds to thousands of years old and depending on where it has lain, it readily absorbs it's host color. On average, the deeper the color goes the older the ivory. But then there's Glacial wash ivory that still maintains it's original creamy white color.

In the late 80's into the early 90's I added Japanese Netsuke & ojime style carvings to my repertoire and joined the International Netsuke Society, even did a showing at their convention in Chicago in 1993. My contempory fantasy style was not a big hit with traditional Netsuke collectors (I didn't sell anything but traded for a nice antique silver skull ojime).

In 1991 I got into hot glass as I was getting tired of trying to explain to people that I did not promote the killing of elephants (thanks to Jane Fonda and other's LIES and missconceptions that ALL ivory comes from elephant's) and that the "ivory" that I used came from Alaskan soil not Africa.

For the past several years I only carve when I get special orders but so many people have asked for them that I thought, okay! Remember, my hands go through hell creating them. They're sure fun but get harder as the years slip by.

If you would like something special carved, drop me a line and we'll work something out. Thanks for looking.

Sam Sypolt, the Dragon Master

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